It Was Not My Time—Breast Cancer Thought It Had Me But God Rescued Me

by Anna Mitchell—wife, mom, cancer survivor, author and realtor

Anna’s Book Will Inspire Many!

I admire Anna’s strength, composure, and courage. She kept negativity out of her life during her battle. She stayed positive and prayed, but most of all she trusted in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Anna’s book will inspire many women and men. It is a great read for anyone battling cancer. They will be thankful that she shared her journey and healing!

So many of her thoughts and actions are similar to what I am currently experiencing. I am going through cancer treatments and relying heavily on prayer. I talk to God and ask for His healing grace. There is so much power in His name! Keep trusting and praying! He is all we have! What an awesome God!

Dina Hathoot

A True Friend!

I met Anna 19 years ago and we became instant friends. We’ve experienced a lot of life together: wins, losses, ups, downs. The one word that I always think of when I think of Anna is TRUE. She is true to her core. This attribute spoke volumes during her battle with breast cancer. I watched a genuine God follower not waiver from her faith. It didn’t matter who she was talking to, they were going to hear about God and what He was doing in and for her. Her sincerity and interest in other’s welfare during her journey was such a huge inspiration and testimony to me. I got to watch ‘my Anna’ experience God like never before and it forever changed my life.

Lisa Halverson

Changed My Outlook on Life!

I had no idea what I was about to read. It captured her fear, hope and a change in her life that no one would ever believe. Anna’s journey, I’m sure is common to some, but not to all. Her story was a testimony that really changed my outlook on life. God took care of what she couldn’t. Amazing to see the transformation. It takes you through the challenges that life brings, but God was always in her corner. Her path is hers but her story touches us all.

Teresa Medina

A Must Read…

Anna Mitchell sheds light on the power of faith and mindset in It Was Not My Time. Her personal experience allows us to feel hope and an urge to build a strong relationship with God. Through Anna’s vulnerability we are able to live through the most difficult, yet awakening, moments right beside her. This book is a must read for warriors battling cancer, survivors, or those who want to support their loved ones.

Vanessa Priebe

Affirms My Faith…

I have never battled cancer but I have four family members who have battled and one who lost their life to cancer. This book was very relatable. Reading Anna’s battle against cancer and her healing experience through Christ is amazing! I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ but this book affirms my faith and took it to a new level. Miracles are real and through Christ anything is truly possible. It’s an honor to have read such an amazing and personal story. I’m deeply touched and praise God who continues to make miracles happen today.

Christina Elaine Morgan

An Amazing Woman of God…

Touched and full of emotions, and so many tears. I had to stop reading Anna’s book a few times so I could collect my thoughts. Her book brought me back to my spinal cord tumor/cancer. My surgery was 80/20 that I would not be able to walk again. God healed me too. Her book will be inspirational to everyone no matter what their situation is or was. Anna is an amazing woman of God and it wasn’t her time!

Pam Matamoros

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