Anna Mitchell was born and raised in Southern California. She grew up in a large family (three sisters and a brother) and hanging out with family and friends has always brought her the most joy in life. She is a loving wife and mother who enjoys traveling and her job helping people buy and sell homes. Five words that best describe Anna would be integrity, passion, commitment, positivity and fun.

Writing a book wasn’t on her bucket list, not even on her radar. It, however, became her greatest passion and desire after she experienced her miracle of physical healing from stage three inflammatory breast cancer.

The worst battle she ever fought, cancer, actually is what strengthened and deepened her relationship with God. On December 17, 2017 she was physically touched and healed by God. Three days later a scheduled CT scan showed no sign of cancer. Her life was completely changed due to her healing experience. She is so grateful and excited to help others through the worst days of their lives and let the world know that God is real. And He heals!

Her book, It Was Not My Time—Breast Cancer Thought It Had Me But God Rescued Me, speaks about her insurmountable strength, unwavering faith and unbreakable trust. She currently resides in Orange County with her husband of seventeen years and her two grown sons. 

Five words that best describe Anna are integrity, passion, commitment, positivity and fun.

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Anna began her professional career in Real Estate in 2014. She is well respected in her community for her track record and high ethical standards. She is an honest, hard-working people person who does absolutely everything in her power to ensure her client’s success. Her dedication to her real estate career, as well as her love for helping others is why so many people refer to her when choosing the right realtor.

I decided to write a book about my journey and healing because God asked me to. After I completed my radiation treatments God put this book heavy on my heart. When I first experienced this feeling I couldn’t believe what I was feeling and I kept telling myself “no way.” I guess since I kept telling myself that I was also saying ‘no’ to God. I’m not a writer and it was a scary thought since I’ve been out of school for so many years. Well, guess who got the final say?

I was trying to ignore this very heavy feeling for a couple of months and it kept getting stronger and stronger as each day went by. It became impossible and the heaviness started to weigh me down. He was constantly on my mind telling me to write. It got to the point where I couldn’t ignore Him any longer because the feeling wouldn’t go away. I didn’t have a choice. One day I finally looked up and told him “ok” I will write a book. I told Him that I couldn’t do it without Him. I couldn’t believe it, but as soon as our conversation ended, the heaviness went away. He always gets the final say no matter how desperately we try to change it.

He always knows what’s best! I thank Him everyday that He directed my life down the path He chose. I am so thankful I listened to Him. He opened the door.  I walked through it. It was the door of new beginnings, but most importantly, the door to a life full of honoring Him. I wrote a book to bring Him glory. I have  dedicated my life to Him and what He did for me. I’m so excited to see how He is going to continue to lead me for the rest of my life in our journey in helping others. I can’t wait!

Another lesson learned is don’t ever say ‘no’ to God! Follow what He puts on your heart. He has His reasons even if we don’t always understand. He is God, He knows what’s best!

I’ve had many passions in my lifetime. They’ve seemed to evolve as I’ve gotten older. Being a mom has always been my greatest passion and still is my favorite thing in the entire world because my boys have my heart.

Friends are another passion. I’ve always had great friends in my life but now I feel they have become my new extended family. During my battle they were my rock. I couldn’t have battled without them by my side. I will always be there for them and they mean so much to me.

Another passion is real estate because I get to take care of people. When people buy homes they are always very excited and I get to share that excitement with them. I also enjoy selling homes. Either way they are putting their greatest investments in my hands and it’s an honor to take care of them. The best part is that, if they weren’t already, my clients always become my friends.

My newest passion is my book because I get to tell the world that God is real. How awesome is that? After my healing I decided to dedicate my life to sharing about Him and what He did for me. It brings me great joy knowing that I will be helping so many people. I’m excited to help them get through what could possibly be the worst days of their lives and I hope to help strengthen their faith or lead them to God. I am so thankful and honored that he chose to heal me.

I’m looking forward to bonding with people that I help and I’m sure they will be helping me too. I still have a lot to learn. I’m still growing everyday just like most of us.